It all started with one wild idea…

In 2017, two employees of a large luxury brand began to notice drifts in the fashion industry that couldn’t be ignored.

These employees found that millions of dollars were invested in wasteful publicity and mass production of so called “luxury” units all at the expense of small collections. While these employees worked hard to keep up with the industry that they loved, the found themselves struggling with the corporate aspect of fashion that seemed to push out small brands and built strategies that only focused on profits—no matter who the business had to step on to get on top.

While the pair of high fashion designers learned more about the ugly side of fashion, they noticed that they had lost their original reason that they had fallen in love with their job and the industry:

Artistic creation without the constraints of the greed of the business world.

In 2019, these designers decided to make a leap of faith and establish their own brand that would be built on professionalism, teamwork, and the love of fashion. With an idea that they had an opportunity to change what fashion is all about, the designers came together and took over management of Tom & Deen, a Swiss brand that is exclusively devoted to creative freedom and the quality of their designs.

Since its founding, Tom & Deen has grown into a recognized, successful operation that has accomplished its original goal of establishing a connection between designers, customers, and their shared passion for high fashion.

Tom & Deen is proud to supply customers with high quality, vegan leather accessories that were designed to enhance the confidence and individuality of each wearer.

Tom & Deen – Brand

Since its founding, the brand Tom & Deen has always been involved in finding new ways to reach our customers with high end fashion, quality products, and customer service.

This brand holds seven values that stand true throughout our entire operation:

  • No Compromise on the Quality of Our Products
  • Qualified Employees Who are Attentive to Details
  • A Creativity without Limits
  • A Search for the Best Manufacturing Materials & Processes
  • A Unique & Original Know-How
  • A Refund Guarantee on All Products
  • A Customer Service that Listens & Cares About Your Concerns

The Tom & Deen brand is a luxurious, prestige, and proud business that is committed to the quality and excellence that is offered to customers. With Tom & Deen, you are our greatest accomplishment.