Two fashion designers had a crazy idea .

In 2017, an idea was born from two employees of a large luxury brand, when they realised drifts in fashion.

Millions invested in publicity… mass production at the expense of small collections… strategies applied only for the financial interests of the company…

These two high fashion designers realised they had lost the fundamental reason for their job :

Artistic creation, without constraints for prestigious work.

In 2019, they leave the business to take over management of Tom & Deen, a French brand exclusively devoted to creative freedom and the quality of their products.

Far from these drifts in fashion, Tom & Deen has as its one and only objective to supply, through their online boutique, remarkable products for those desiring to wear true quality.

The brand Tom & Deen

The brand Tom & Deen wants to be irreproachable with regards to seven criteria, and to be better than other established business in the sector: :

  • No compromise on the quality of the products
  • Qualified employees who are attentive to details
  • A creativity without limits
  • A search for the best manufacturing materials
  • A unique and original know-how
  • A refund guarantee
  • A customer service that listens to you

By trusting Tom & Deen, you go up a range in terms of prestige, and you wear original goods that will accompany you daily as well as for your most important events.